Because you’re tired of people who are both lazy and crazy.

Being a professional comedian for 20 years has trained me to look for the bullshit in everything.  From advertising to relationships to a third thing, I professionally see why they are a joke and an illusion. When you see things this way, your default setting becomes cynic.  Your idea of life is that nothing is possible. The downside here is that you miss out on a lot.

On the other hand, people can make this extremely bizarre jump to an overly positive world where everything’s magical, but nothing’s real. They use it as an excuse to not do anything, change their name to Rainbow Maca Sunshine and don’t shave their armpits.

Look, just because you have more beads on your coat doesn’t mean you’re positive. You’re escaping. (Unless you truly have an authentic connection with your beads.)

There are about 9 people who understand that positive IS the authentic belief from their true experiences. People like Steve Jobs, Louis C.K. and my good friend Abraham Lincoln understood that there is something very possible and they took action until it happened.

If you are also exhausted from seeing Kim Kardashian on every magazine cover and want to figure out your own voice and not do what McDonald’s tells you, then check this out!

Abraham Lincoln

“Kyle Cease is the greatest man alive. Ever.”