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June 20-23, 2024

Every time we do an in-person event, we have discovered that each day gets exponentially better. We have never done an in person Evolving Out Loud event for more than 2 days… until now, and this is going to be the big ONE!

We are excited to return to the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.

This is an opportunity to show up, and get out of the old world and immerse yourself into a group of 1,400 people that are all doing this work of transforming their lives and releasing what no longer serves them in order to become the highest version of themselves.

There’s no way after moving to a higher vibration at this event that you will be unchanged. You will move to a higher consciousness and move forward into a truer version of yourself. Whatever it is in your life that you’d like to move forward in and change, be it money, relationships, your job, your health, this is an opportunity to leverage yourself and make big changes. When you change ONE area of your life, you change them all and incredible things happen.

You will discover that the things you were worried about will start to heal themselves and you will separate yourself from your small story.

At The Big ONE, you will be immersed in a giant permission slip for you to be what you are. You will hear your soul and you will make decisions, both big and small that will change every aspect of your life.

The Big ONE is an experience you will never forget, it will change your consciousness and create place for abundance and higher levels of love, health, joy and relationships.

When you move into what you truly are, what you’re not, just collapses. This is what will happen at The Big ONE. You will move into more of what you truly are you will be able to let go of what you are not.

Grab a friend, a relative, a teammate and join us, or come alone and meet a group of like-minded people doing this same work in their lives. Either way, it’s going to be magical and we can’t wait.

Join us for The Big ONE. The ONE that changes it all.

June 2024, Glendale, CA – see you there.

VIP Experience

We are excited to also have a VIP experience for this event. As a VIP ticket holder, you will be seated in the front two rows with the audience, and have an additional half day small group meet & greet / discussion / Q&A with Kyle, Dr. Kim and Aaron on Monday following the 4 day event.  

We are excited to answer your specific questions and help you put action steps into place for your life following The Big ONE.

We can’t wait to meet you and have this time together. See you there.

Check out this video from Kyle for more information about the event


Kyle flows spontaneously and may change things around at any time, but here’s a general idea of how the event will unfold:


Session: 1 PM – 6 PM


Session: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Session: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We work in the flow and will have breaks throughout the day as needed. Please note that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have a full, middle-of-the-day meal break. 

*** All times listed are local time.



Session: 9 AM – 12 PM

Please note that the VIP session is not taking place at the Alex Theatre – it will be held at a location closeby. VIP Ticket holders will be advised of that location by email.

*** All times listed are local time.


Cancelation / Refund Policy:
No cancellations. No refunds.