This Group Will Change the World.

The Entrepreneurial Shift Mastermind Group is a collection of powerful, heart-centered individuals who are committed to expanding their value so they can create maximum impact in the world.

Starting soon, this group will begin their journey together with the daily videos and exercises included in The Entrepreneurial Shift with Kyle Cease. As a member of this private Facebook community, you’ll connect with people from around the world and get tapped into a diverse pool of resources and wisdom that will support your growth.

PLUS: Kyle will be joining this Mastermind-leading live, interactive video calls each week of the course.

As a member of The Entrepreneurial Shift Mastermind Group, you’ll have access to:

  • accountability and daily questions to keep you moving through the program
  • live video calls to connect and collaborate with other members
  • understanding and encouragement from other heart-centered creatives like yourself
  • a judgment-free zone for sharing ideas and challenges
  • win-win-win networking and opportunities

Entrepreneurial Shift Experiences

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The Entrepreneurial Shift online video series:

A Paradigm Shattering Video Series to Maximize Your Impact on the World.

The Entrepreneurial Shift is a groundbreaking video series for entrepreneurs, CEO’S, employees, and anyone who is wanting to mine their deepest potential and expand the amount of value they bring to the world.

Over the course of 21 days, Kyle will share experience and personal insights that will help you raise your perspective and allow you to identify new resources, opportunities and assets that have been hiding dormant within you and your company.



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Course Description

Day 1 | Turning on the Faucet

Day 1 is all about tapping into the creative aspect of yourself that is just pure honesty so you can:

  • tap into your infinite creative flow
  • overcome your critical voice
  • release anxiety about “doing it right”
Day 2 | Do What You Love, Drop Everything Else

Today is about discovering and moving towards the things that truly excite you in your business and life to help you:

  • discover and connect to your inner GPS
  • maximize your appreciation for life
  • invite more inspiration into your actions
Day 3 | What Are You Doing That Isn’t Necessary?

This lesson is about cutting out the fat in your life to make room for:

  • your purpose to come through even stronger
  • more freedom
  • more joy in your work
Day 4 | Who Do You Have Around You?

Today you’ll take a look at the people and relationships that you surround ourselves with to help identify the ones that support your growth and the ones that would rather keep you small so you can:

  • create a higher alignment to attract more opportunities
  • cultivate an environment that pulls you into your greatness
  • discover assets you didn’t know were available to you
Day 5 | Delegating

Today is about learning to ask for help with the things that aren’t your highest excitement so that you can:

  • bring more value to the world
  • receive more abundance
  • support others in stepping into their power
Day 6 | Just Be Real

Day 6 is about cultivating your authentic voice to help you:

  • define the unique value that you will bring to the world
  • attract clients that are truly in alignment with you
  • allow opportunities to come to you instead of chasing them
Day 7 | Get Your Message Out There

Today we’re going to expose the unlimited amount of ways that are available for you to bring your message to the world so you can:

  • amplify your impact
  • realize how easy it is to change the world
Day 8 | You Are What You Love, Not What Loves You

Today’s lesson will show you how to reignite the carefree creativity that you had as a child to help you:

  • stop caring what other people think you think of you
  • release the outcome of your work
  • bring a playful passion back into every area of your life
Day 9 | Meditation

Day 9 focuses on using meditation as a way to step out of the chaos of your mind so you can:

  • stop worrying
  • connect to yourself
  • release addictions and replace them with powerful new habits
Day 10 | Just Start

Day 10 is about learning how to consistently take action from right where you are so that you can:

  • end procrastination
  • continuously build and maintain momentum in the direction of your highest potential
  • start to see all of the collaboration available in every moment
Day 11 | Get Specific

Today we’re going to reveal the infinite content and ideas available when we drill down and start to get specific to help you:

  • discover what makes you irreplaceable
  • understand you are a never-ending source of creativity
  • realize that you have a unique gift to give to the world—that only you can give
Day 12 | Kylego

Day 12 will give you an insanely powerful new tool to help you discover, define and step into the life that you want to create so you can:

  • create a roadmap to you dreams
  • actually feel and embody what it would be like to live at your highest potential
  • understand the impact that you can truly bring to this world and how much the world needs you to step into that alignment
Day 13 | Who You Believe Yourself to Be

Today will help you dive deep into the understanding of what you truly are beyond the limited story of you past so you can:

  • go way beyond what you think you’re capable of
  • remove blocks that keep you repeating negative patterns
  • move into a perspective beyond your limited self and into a place of collaboration with all of life
Day 14 | Take the Leap

Day 14 will help you face your fear of failure and uncertainty so you can:

  • understand how “you can see what you’ll lose, but you can never see what you’ll gain” by taking a leap
  • see how “playing it safe” has been stifling you and your business
  • start to feel the excitement of living on your edge and pushing past old beliefs
Day 15 | Taking Action

Day 15 is starting to harness all that you’ve uncovered so far and taking powerful actions based on what you now know so you can:

  • create real world evidence that you are shifting your perspective
  • cement a solid foundation to support your new alignment
  • see the evidence of what happens when you take actions from a deeper, more powerful place
Day 16 | Contribution

Today you’ll start to rewire your perspective on what “value” truly is and how to start bringing your most “valuable” contribution to the world so that you can:

  • create a win-win-win situation that benefits you, your customers, and the world
  • see how much support will show up for you when you are in genuine contribution
  • understand how when creating profit is secondary to bringing authentic value to the world, more profit than ever will start to show up
Day 17 | Spontaneity

In Day 17, you’ll learn how to spell spontaneity, which is one of the hardest words to spell. You’ll also realize the value of saying and doing exactly what’s on your mind so that you can:

  • create an authentic connection between your clients and employees
  • bring humor into your advertising and workplace
  • start to live in the moment and access the infinite creativity that is available and happening every second
Day 18 | Letting Go of Your Old World

Today you’ll get the opportunity recognize some of the ways of being that you’re now moving out of alignment with, and learn how to let them go so that you can:

  • release the anchors that have been keeping you from moving into a new reality
  • access all of your power to create a life that is a true reflection of who you really are
  • understand that you’re not in competition with anyone, you’re in collaboration with everything
Day 19 | A New Paradigm

Day 19 is going to climb deep into the recesses of your mind so that you can release pain that you’ve been holding onto from your past so you can:

  • free yourself from guilt, resentment, and regret
  • start to see life as a gift instead of a struggle
  • embrace everything that has happened to you and appreciate that everything has led you to this moment and the infinite opportunities that await you
Day 20 | Simplicity

Day 20 is going to boil all of these ideas down to their essence so that you have a simple and reliable way to connect to the core of what this course has unlocked in you so you can:

  • continue your evolution beyond this course
  • realize that you can’t go backwards or forget what you’ve learned here
  • stop trying and let life take over
Day 21 | You Are a Gift for Life

The final day is about understanding how you and your creative endeavor fits into the whole of all of this, so that you can:

  • understand that life is a gift, but you are a gift for life too
  • know that what you do matters and can have a lasting impact on this world
  • see how your aligned actions can create a ripple effect that truly changes this planet

With this series, you will:

  • See how bringing playful creativity into everything you do will raise your value and create higher income.

  • Unlock your unique talents and gifts to create your own company and even your own field.

  • Find your authentic voice so you can attract clients, customers and employees that are in True Alignment with You and let go of everything that is not.

  • Define and deepen your mission by tapping into your inner knowing.