Join Kyle Cease at the world-famous Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for 4 days of releasing and evolving that could change everything.

Experience the exponential shift that happens when you spend 4 days removed from all of the addictive distractions of your everyday life, actually doing the work—while connecting to nature at Omega’s beautiful campus—which includes over 250 acres of lakes, gardens, yoga studios, trails, saunas, basketball and tennis courts, and more.

This retreat is about showing up, staying in the room and letting yourself effortlessly fall back into your true nature. It’s about playfully moving towards the parts of you that you’ve been hiding for years and finding an entirely new space of love for yourself and others. It’s about undoing the addiction to your limited vision of who you think you are and allowing the infinite, holy-shit version of yourself to come to the surface.

At this event, you will:

•  spend 4 days immersed in nature, away from technology and addictive distractions.

•  learn to embrace and love every part of yourself unconditionally.

•  disconnect from your mental entanglement in the problems of the world to allow higher level answers to show up.

•  connect to what is actually real.

•  meet amazing, heart-centered people who are doing the real work alongside you.

•  discover new possibilities for your income, your family, your spirituality, your health, and your purpose.

•  constantly release everything you are not—in order to make room for everything you are supposed to become.



(*does not include lodging)



May 25-28, 2018


Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY



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