Become a volunteer and support the upcoming Evolving Out Loud event with an amazing, fun, and heart-centered team.

Requirements of a volunteer:

• Previously have attended an Evolving Out Loud live 2-day event
• Attend TWO Zoom meetings:

One on Saturday, May 19th OR Sunday, May 20th for 1.5 hours
One on Saturday, June 9th OR Sunday, June 10th for 1.5 hours

(Zoom meetings are to train for the tasks and responsibilities of the given position.)

• Watch training videos
• Attend the mandatory and wildly fun volunteer meeting on:

Friday, June 22nd @ 6pm – 9pm in Hollywood, CA

• Attend the entire EOL event, including setup and breakdown:

Saturday, June 23rd @ 7am – 9:30pm  &  Sunday, June 24th @ 9am – 11:30pm
(Shifts will be assigned and multiple breaks will be given.)

• Arrive on time for all shifts assigned.

***Every volunteer and every position is extremely important to the whole of the event. Therefore, it is not only expected but required to be professional and punctual as a member of the EOL volunteer team.***

Please fill out this application by THURSDAY, MAY 10th.

Evolving Out Loud Volunteer Application - June 2018 at the Dolby

  • The last 2 questions may be answered in one of two ways: You may answer the below questions in a video and attach the YouTube video link below. Please allow the video to be no more than 5 mins., and mark video unlisted within the video's settings. OR If you feel best answering with text you may do so below.


Email [email protected] with any questions.