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Watch a segment of “Welcome to Deep Down”

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Combining the art of stand-up comedy and transformation, Comedy Central headliner, Kyle Cease, uses his 25 years of performing, creating, and letting go of what other people think to help his audience move past their old stories and into a new vision of what is possible in their lives.


“Welcome To Deep Down” is a streaming video series filmed at a 1,400 person Evolving Out Loud event that will help you identify and remove the illusions that have been keeping you from being happy, right now.

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Unlimited Streaming for Life

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This online event puts you in the room with an audience of over 1,400 people, all learning to break out of the cycle of their past limitations – while laughing for two days straight. As you finish each of the 8 parts of this series, you’ll find a new level of awareness that will allow you to drop the things in your life that are holding you back and be pulled into your true potential.

In addition to hours of content and interactive exercises, watch Kyle work 1-on-1 with audience members on specific issues like money, depression, anger, worthiness, stage fright, and releasing deep pain.


 Watch the Welcome to Deep Down Trailer

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Part 1 | Show Up and Stay In The Room

Kyle guides you through limiting beliefs and how falling in love with not knowing can allow you to access the true power of what you actually are—this moment. In this segment you will:
•  learn about the illusion of “when something happens, I’ll be happy”
•  discover how to see everything as an opportunity
•  experience the power of being authentic
•  learn the difference between motivation and tapping into your flow
•  understand the guidance system in you that is constantly giving you feedback

Benefits Include: happiness regardless of results, less stress about the future, connection to your internal GPS

Part 2 | Are You Ice or Water?

Kyle illustrates the importance of connecting to yourself, and gives you an exercise that will rewire your sense of self to what you actually are underneath your worry and stress. In this segment you will:
•  learn to connect to what you’re feeling so you can release it and feel more love
•  experience a powerful exercise to acknowledge the “childhood you” who is just searching for love
•  learn that who you are at your core is not what your circumstances are; it’s how you respond and what you choose to do with them

Benefits Include: emotional freedom, self-love, moving closer to your heart

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Part 3 | …And I Love That

Kyle playfully takes you through multiple exercises to access a place that connects you more to your body. In this segment, you will:
•  learn about how you may be sabotaging yourself by the language you use
•  find how to experience both connection and freedom in a relationship at the same time
•  understand that you always have the opportunity to find either the lack in the opportunity or the opportunity in the lack
•  learn that the belief of “who you are is what people think of you” is an illusion

Benefits Include: higher awareness of negative thinking, relationship clarity, freedom from other people’s opinions

Part 4 | Access Your Deep Down

Kyle demonstrates how to identify your illusions, clear out what you’re not, let go of your fears, and access even more of your infinite nature. In this segment, you will:
•  discover that you’re the space of possibility that all of your thoughts, emotions, and experience happen inside of
•  experience how the body is inside of you, not the other way around
•  learn that to become what you’re really here to become is terrifying, but it’s only terrifying to the illusion part of you
•  learn Kyle’s way of meditating—allow the chaos to come up and be a space of love for yourself

Benefits Include: a new sense of space and freedom in your life, higher awareness of your true nature

Part 5 | Breaking Away from Your Iceberg

Watch as Kyle goes from being triggered by an audience member to a lesson on how what you’re putting out will be mirrored back to you during a round of “speed transformation”. In this segment, you will:
•  define the difference between joining someone in their pain vs being in a present space of love
•  feel how staying in your head cuts you off from your emotions to the rest of your body
•  experience that you can’t orchestrate your own breakthrough because the part of you that is trying to have a breakthrough is the part of you that is going to die

Benefits Include: becoming more compassionate for yourself and others, creating space between you and your emotional triggers, connection to you your body

Part 6 | Live On Purpose

Kyle shows you how when you believe you’re actually here to give your gift and live in your purpose, you will have infinite content for the rest of your life. In this segment you will:
•  discover that your problem isn’t that you have no ideas; its that you have too many
•  begin to access the infinite ideas, skills, and assets that you have within you right now
•  find how to live in the flow of life where problems aren’t something we avoid but rather allow and accept so they leave and we grow
•  learn how to accept what is—if you’re in an argument with what is, you’re trying to control the things you can’t control and not controlling what you can control

Benefits include: a new perspective on the assets you have available to you, appreciation for all of your experiences, acceptance and transcendence of external circumstances

Part 7 | Take A Shift

See an incredible audience members’ transformation and learn how to access more of your power on a consistent basis. In this segment, you will:
•  learn how to be terrified and walk through it
•  learn about addictions and how to end them
•  see how living beyond your expectations can radically transform your world
•  create an example for others by changing yourself

Benefits Include: ability to face your fears, minimize your addictions


Part 8 | We Are The World

Connect more to what you actually are in the final chapter of the series. Choose to change your channel and watch as the world around you changes. In this segment, you will:
•  get tangible proof to yourself that you can do these things
•  experience a powerful guided visualization of what your soul wants
•  embody the trust and confidence that you are perfect and enough as is. stop trying.
•  be in an extended space of gratitude and appreciation
•  take an action that creates leverage for you to make your transformation priority

Benefits include: freedom, an entirely new life, a road map to your destiny

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It is very hard to write out the massive amount of benefits this series will bring you. So I am just gonna say it:


If you don’t love it we will happily refund your money. There’s nothing to lose.

Join us on a journey into yourself and learn with tangible proof that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS. Not your parents. Not your spouse. Not your clients. Not Kyle.


Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you will ever make. You can always see what you will lose by taking a leap, but you can never measure what you might gain.

If you’re ready to make your connection to yourself the most important thing and start learning how to access the unlimited creativity, happiness and freedom that is available to you right now… then welcome to deep down.

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